Friar Street, Worcester ~ The Hidden Quarter

Black and White
Full and Half Timbered
a Timeless Pastiche

At first glance Friar Street, Worcester might appear to be a street full of ancient relics from a variety of historical pasts.

Such is the quaint pastiche of black and white listed buildings, that almost obscures the vibrant trading activity of industrious, independent businesses, that unless you are a visitor to the area with time on your hands, chances are that a regular routine walk along Friar Street will almost become a blinkered blur, but were you to pause at each frontage along the way, you would become aware of shops and services you have probably never even noticed. For this reason, Friar Street, Worcester has become known as The Hidden Quarter.

This NEW website has been created to acknowledge the beauty of the street scene, raise awareness and promote the many independent businesses and enterprises in Friar Street, Worcester, UK.

Unique Buildings
Modern Day Enterprise
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